Silence of the Hippo

Značka: Centrala

David Böhm

245 x 330 mm
64 pages

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Silence of the Hippo
Značka: Centrala
The Silence of the Hippo
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Poetic, somewhat absurd, and in some places dark – such are the short folktales of this book. Most of them come out of traditional African folklore though, in the rendition of children's storytellers, with a rather distinctive flavor.

The texts arrived in the hands of the Czech artist David Böhm, in the suitcase of his sister Terezie as a stack of student essays from a small Central African school. The imagination of the Black Continent unmercifully breaks down our European preconception of what a folktale is supposed to look like.

Somewhat shocking to children, it is a singularly refreshing comic strip for adults.